October 1, 2023 – Ladue Shopping Center Unveils Exquisite French Motif Facade Renovation

The Ladue Shopping Center, a beloved local landmark located at 9828-9844 Clayton Road in Ladue, Missouri, is thrilled to announce the completion of its extensive facade renovation. Transforming the previously uninspired and incomplete construction, the center now boasts a breathtaking exterior inspired by the charm and elegance of French design.

A Transformation from Drab to Fantastic

After two years of meticulous planning and construction, the center has been rejuvenated with a vibrant French motif, incorporating elements that blend traditional charm with practical improvement. Highlights of the renovation include:

  • Elegant Copper Finials: Adding a touch of grace to the rooftop, reflecting the sun’s rays with a warm, inviting glow.
  • French-Style Gingerbread: Intricately designed brackets that bring a classic, detailed craftsmanship to the facade.
  • Fresh Paint in French Hues: A new color palette including country French whitewash with subtle touches of navy embodies the spirit of the French countryside.
  • Country French Style Dormers and Window Boxes: Adding depth, dimension, and a burst of the dramatic to the building’s exterior.
  • Tasteful Landscaping: A complete overhaul of the green spaces, now featuring contemporary landscaping that complements the French theme.
  • Outdoor Seating Arrangements: The addition of benches and picnic tables allows patrons to enjoy their purchases in the beauty of the center’s surroundings.

A Community Revitalized

This renovation not only enhances the shopping experience but also revitalizes the community’s connection to this historic center. The Ladue Shopping Center is now a destination where patrons can shop, dine, and relax in an environment that feels both luxurious and welcoming.

“We are beyond excited to welcome our guests to the newly transformed Ladue Shopping Center,” said Jonathan Wolff, President of Wolff Properties, manager of the Ladue Shopping Center. “This renovation reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional and enjoyable shopping environment for all.”

Come See the Transformation

The Ladue Shopping Center invites the community and visitors to experience the new facade and amenities firsthand. With the renovation complete, the center is poised to become a premier shopping and leisure destination in the region.

About the Ladue Shopping Center

Nestled in the prime Clayton Road location, the Ladue Shopping Center stands as a beacon in the city of Ladue with a long-standing presence and a host of long-term tenants including Gourmet to Go, Ladue Pharmacy, Baskin Robbins, and Ladue Barber Shop. Serving a thriving population that spans over 229,825 within a five-mile radius, the center is at the heart of one of St. Louis’ most affluent areas with a median household income of $217,904 within one mile. The center benefits from a high traffic volume in excess of 12,000 vehicles per day, ensuring visibility and accessibility for all businesses housed here.

The 2023 demographics show a robust and growing community with over 103,014 households in a five-mile radius, indicating a strong and sustainable customer base for our retailers. The center prides itself on offering some of the best parking in the Clayton Road business district, coupled with easy ingress and egress, making it one of if not the most convenient shopping destination for both quick visits and leisurely shopping experiences in Central St. Louis County. Additionally, our location sees significant daily vehicle activity, with 11,931 vehicles on Clayton Rd, 162,227 on I-64, 5,650 on Warson Rd, and 30,029 on Lindbergh Boulevard, contributing to the center’s customer flow. The Ladue Shopping Center is not just a place to shop; it is a central part of the community where convenience meets sophistication.